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Client Success Stories

Review from Katie

I had every intention of needing to wait 21 days before coming to with words to do this testimonial justice, but I can’t wait any longer to start spreading the love!

I had a session specifically to target my debilitating anxiety, and I can genuinely say it has GONE! I left with the knowledge that I would be playing a recording of a portion of our session every day – at least once daily- for 21 days minimum, so it was in my head that I’d need that 3 weeks of continuous replaying to drum in what had been done in our session for it to begin working.

I left feeling lighter, a free feeling I couldn’t put into words. It made me smile
from my heart.

The very next day was a “trigger day” that I religiously would suffer with bad anxiety. I expected the anxiety to come on and as the minutes then hours then the day went on I realised I wasn’t experiencing any. I don’t have words!!! The
following week on the same day again, nothing!

I’ve had another 2 days since my session with huge triggers which would normally lead to a complete meltdown- and NOTHING.

Anxiety is not something I have ever been able to control. I know how unpredictable it is and how uncontrollable it is when it is triggered. Yet now – all of a sudden- the switch is off and I apparently no longer suffer from anxiety!

Game Changer.

I’ll continue to enjoy listening to my recording for the 21 days – I find it fascinating that I heard different things that I didn’t remember hearing on the day of the RTT.

I can’t fathom how it is so successful- it’s miraculous!!!

Review from Lexie

I cannot recommend RTT enough! I had a Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Susan for anxiety. The session, in and of itself, held immense growth for me. Just understanding where my anxiety specifically stemmed from was something that shifted in me that day. That deeper understanding, coupled with Susan’s guidance in the session, enabled me to release the foundations of the coping mechanism, whilst having compassion for myself in recognition of why my younger self had created it in the first place. That was all just within the session! From there, I was instructed to listen to a tailored-to-me hypnosis recording for the next 21 days.

I have experienced profound changes in my relationship with my anxiety! I am, quite simply, ready to face positive steps forward on my journey that I just wasn’t before the session. I feel this is a direct result of the session and the personalised recording. My life is expanding before my very eyes, it has enabled me to manifest opportunities that I am ready to say yes to. It has levelled up my belief in myself.

Susan creates a professional, very comfortable & safe space for the session.

Her confidence in her skills and technique is evident from start to finish. She is able to guide you through the process with ease and grace. You can tell that she knows the process back to front and knows what needs to happen at every turn. This means you can just relax and allow yourself to surrender to the session.

I would recommend RTT with Susan for any changes you feel like you need to make in your life. If there is an area that you know is holding you back – commit to yourself and book in for this treatment. This is something that could really take you to the next level of your healing journey.

Review from Yani

I have struggled with my weight for my whole life, but in the last 5 years, I have gained a lot of weight and have struggled to shift it. A lot of this has to do with stress, grief, shift work and all of the bad habits I have picked up over time. Reaching for food, in particular sugar, as a way of filling any void or giving me a pick me up for shift work.

I had never heard of RTT before coming across Susan, and with anything new and unknown, there were a few nerves and uncertainties. However, from the very beginning, Susan’s wisdom and professionalism helped ease my nerves and answered any and all of the questions I had.

From the second Susan started the session, I was overwhelmed with calmness as I felt so safe and soothed by her voice. Handing my full trust to her. The session itself was phenomenal. It uncovered moments and events in my life that gave me so much clarity as to why I have been this way and formed these habits, and more importantly, it opened my eyes to feeling safe and secure to make changes.

The audio recording Susan prepared for you to listen to post-session was like a 20-minute meditation each day and I started looking forward to it each day. It now feels like a little guardian angel inside my head, when I feel the craving for my sugar, I hear Susan’s voice in my head. I love it!

Do I still have cravings? Gosh yes! But since the RTT session, it’s like I now know why I have the cravings, and most importantly that I don’t need them. And the cravings are now becoming less and less frequent.

I honestly went in with no expectations and a very open mind – but I can 100% say that my RTT session was incredible and has changed my life. I have not had processed sugar or chocolate since my RTT session with Susan (now 6 weeks). And I have dropped nearly 10kg.

I would hand on my heart recommend anyone to see Susan and experience an RTT session with her.

Review from Melanie

Having Rapid Transformational Therapy with Susan has been a life changer. For 27 years I have had an addiction to soft drinks. I would drink soft drinks like water. I could not control myself and continued drinking this daily as I could not stop. My mind was always telling me I needed a soft drink to get through the day. It was my vice. If I needed a caffeine fix or sugar hit to get me through the day this is what I would drink. It was a bad bad addiction. Sometimes it would get so bad that I was having almost 2 litres a day. I would think just one more time and I will stop drinking it. Nope, it never happened. I found Susan through a friend of mine who has had a Rapid Transformation Therapy session and she suggested I give it a try. Wow, I can’t believe the immediate results after my session.

I tried so often over the years to not drink soft drinks, but having my Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Susan, has changed my thought process and how I feel about seeing, buying and even drinking soft drinks. I no longer crave soft drinks on a daily basis. When I go to a store I no longer worry about going down the soft drink aisle, as I don’t need to. I stopped purchasing soft drinks for home the day I had my Rapid Transformational Therapy with Susan. I am in awe at how this has worked so fast and can say I am the happiest I have ever been.

My body thanks you!!!! My mindset thanks you !! I now am living a healthier and happier lifestyle and look forward to all the great experiences to come. I opened my mind to Rapid Transformational Therapy and it has honestly saved me

Thank you so much Susan for this amazing experience and your exceptional hospitality in making me feel welcome and at ease from the first phone call. You are amazing at what you do and I am keen to come back and tackle some other issues I have to make my life even better.

I highly recommend anyone to take the leap and have Rapid Transformational Therapy with Susan if you are suffering from any addiction. This definitely works and I am a changed woman and soooo wish I had done it sooner 🙂